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What is Klroy? It’s like a shiny new photo app that had a sloppy night out with an old school chat room and some other app with maps and stuff and had a lovechild. And that lovechild is now up for adoption, by you.

Here’s how it works: You take a picture. You store it on Klroy. Then, when other people come to the spot where you took your pic, they can see it, and every other piece of photographic fun that’s been captured there. It’s a way to immortalize your most legendary times in the very spots they happened, for generations to come to view. That's right, say "Hello" to building location based mobile communities as comments and message posts are welcome to this party.

The possibilities are endless. We have set the table. All that remains is for you to capture and upload your awesome stupidity, or genius level brilliance for the world to see. We know you’ll make us proud. Oh, and don't forget to look up the old Klroy's you added to and see what happened in them since you left your mark. 

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